Precision Reloading: Hornady Auto Charge Pro

Powder Dispensing Made Easy

Start reloading with the new Hornady Auto Charge Pro precision powder measurer.

As a society, we’ve faced many challenges this year. Among those as gun owners, unprecedented demand for ammunition has resulted in a limited supply of popular calibers at increased prices. Even reloading components, especially primers, are difficult to come by. Still, there’s no better time to start reloading than during an ammo shortage.

In both “normal” and trying times, reloading serves as a supplement to factory ammunition, providing shooters an opportunity to develop and self-produce ammo for performance, need and quantity — often at a more affordable price per round. And while initial setup, training and education are required before loading your first rounds, companies like Hornady offer tools to make getting started easy.

Among Hornady’s latest reloading products is the Auto Charge Pro, a precision powder measuring device.

The Auto Charge Pro features unprecedented powder dispensing accuracy.

Precision Dispensing

If football is a game of inches, reloading is measured in grains. The new Hornady Auto Charge Pro provides precise powder dispensing within 0.1 grain, ensuring consistency of each and every load.

Further, reloaders can customize the grain target weight (measured in grains or grams), trickle speed and trickle time of up to four programmed loads — ideal for shooters who load multiple calibers or for multiple shooting disciplines. Trickle speed and time can be individually adjusted for faster/slower and longer/shorter dispensing, affecting load accuracy. The slower and longer the trickle, the greater accuracy of measured grain charges.

Should the dispensed powder charge be more than 0.1 grain above the set target amount, the Auto Charge Pro display will read “Over,” allowing the reloader to re-dispense the necessary load.

Change powder dispensing settings on the Auto Charge Pro with a touch.


Any seasoned reloader knows workbench space is valuable, which is why Hornady designed the Auto Charge Pro with a smaller footprint than other powder measure instruments on the market. Yet, despite its compact size, the Auto Charge Pro packs big features.

Powered by a 9V power supply, a front LCD touch screen and simple menu present loaders with an easy to read and use display, while a large rear powder hopper stores smokeless powder for hours of reloading. When done, a rotating spigot on the side of the Auto Charge Pro simplifies powder emptying — a good habit as powder can absorb moisture or eventually attack the plastic. The trickle tube can also be removed for further cleaning.

The Auto Charge Pro can be adjusted using the two front leveling feet, confirmed with a built-in bubble level, while an optional clear draft cover is included to prevent dispensed powder from blowing in case of a fan, air conditioner/heater or open window.

Operating the Hornady Auto Charge Pro is a simple and easy process.

Easy Operator

Whether you’re new to reloading or using precision powder measures, operating the Auto Charge Pro is a simple process.

Begin by plugging in and turning on the Auto Charge Pro, ensuring both the unit and work surface are clean and level. Allow the unit to stabilize for 5–15 minutes before getting started. Once warmed up, it is recommended the unit be calibrated using the provided 10g and 50g weights. Press “Zero/Calibrate” on the touch screen, calibrate both weights and wait for the unit to read “Pass” before proceeding with dispensing.

Place the powder pan on the scale and confirm the weight reads 0g. Then, fill the rear hopper with powder to the desired level, making sure the side spigot is rotated to the closed position. Use the touch keypad to set the target weight, trickle speed and trickle time. The provided instructions offer more details on the available settings.

When set, tap “Dispense” to begin dispensing the set powder charge into the pan. When the powder trickle stops, remove the powder pan and load your empty brass, repeating the dispensing process as necessary.

When finished, turn the side spigot and empty the remaining powder (if any) into the original powder container. Press “Dispense” again to ensure all powder has been removed before powering off the unit and removing the powder hopper and trickle tube for cleaning with the provided brush.

Hornady makes getting started reloading easy with tools and resources.

Start Reloading

Don’t let current ammo shortages or fear of learning something new prevent you from beginning your reloading journey.

Hornady offers everything you need to get started reloading, including cartridge cases, case prep tools, reloading presses, dies, powder measures — like the Auto Charge Pro — and more. Pick up a copy of Hornady’s 10th Edition Handbook of Cartridge Reloading, download the Hornady Reloading app and start reloading today!

MSRP of the Hornady Auto Charge Pro is $329.99.

For more info:, Ph: (800) 338-3220

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