Sights & Optics See It — Hit It


Sights and optics are better than ever, constantly benefitting from the firearm industry’s ongoing technological innovations. Whatever your tactical need or preference, from good old night sights to red dot, holographic, magnifying and reflex, your wishes are a touch-screen away. These sights and optics will help you see — and hit — your target.

Aimpoint’s Micro T-2 offers a very easy-to-use but extraordinarily effective means of aiming. Look through the optic, find the “floating” red dot and that’s where your rounds will hit. Weighing a mere 3.7 oz. (with its mount), the Micro T-2 sports a 1X (non-magnifying) parallax-free optic. Compatible with all night vision devices, the Micro T-2 offers multiple brightness settings, adjusted by an intuitive knob. Simple, clear and durable. $774 to $901, depending on options.

EOTech’s 518 holographic sight offers a variety of red reticles and a wide field of view. You use the optic with both eyes open, allowing your peripheral vision to keep track of things well outside the scope of the optic while aiming. The reticle also allows you to see more of your target and what’s around it inside the aiming window. Weighing 13.8 oz. and offering 20 daylight settings, the 518 draws power from two AA batteries. Versatile, intuitive, and rugged — $555.

EOTech’s G33 Magnifier mounts in front of your gun’s optic and swings in or out as needed. It’ll add 11.2 oz. of weight but measures under 4″ in length. When in place in front of your optic, it provides 3X magnification. It’s submersible to 10 feet with fog-free internal optics. Paired with the EOTech 518 or other holographic sight, it’ll speed up transitions between near and far targets — $609.

Trijicon’s RMR Type 2 is a red LED reticle sight powered by a standard CR2032 battery. Tough and lightweight, the RMR adjusts easily for windage and elevation. This model also offers eight brightness settings set manually or automatically. Weighing 1.2 oz. and made from forged aluminium, a single battery can last for years — $699.

TRUGLO’s Tritium Pro night sights offer the glowing green of Tritium, a radioluminescent light source needing no batteries or light exposure — Tritium sights are always on. TRUGLO’s Tritium Pro sights offer a no-snag, holster-friendly design, a durable protective finish, an angled rear sight edge so you can manipulate your gun’s slide and a U-shaped notch on the rear sight with a bright white ring on the front — $104.

TRUGLO’s Dovetail Optic Mount allows you to mount small optics onto many GLOCK models, S&W M&P pistols and Ruger Mark II-IV pistols using the factory rear dovetail or the Picatinny rail mount on the Ruger. Made of CNC’d steel with Nitride finish, it makes optics installation fast and easy with no machining needed — $58.99.

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