Sight Installation Done Safely
And Easily!

With The XS Sights GUNSMITH-Series Sight Pusher
Install Kit For GLOCK

The XS Gunsmith-Series sight pusher comes as a complete kit — made in the USA!

I’ve been what I call an “advanced hobby gunsmith” for decades and have changed out my fair share of sights of all sorts. The old “punch and hammer” method works if you take your time and have some experience. It also causes bent and broken front sights, deformed dovetails, and scratches and gouges on slides and sights. Oopsie.

I’ve also used many sorts of sight pushers over the years and found that while some work fine, most are very “fiddly” and fussy, with lots of optional inserts, dies, spacers and often confusing instructions requiring an engineering degree to sort out. The XS GUNSMITH-Series Sight Pusher Kit for GLOCK is a refreshing change and a new way to tackle this sometimes challenging job.

The pusher is 100% American-made by XS Sights in their Fort Worth, Texas facility and was carefully designed by talented gunsmiths for both the DIY user and professional gunsmiths. The attention to detail and thoughtful design show in the final product.

Sometimes simple is best. The open design and high-quality parts ensure both user friendliness
and solid performance.

One of the best bits about it is the fact the clever design lowers installation force by upwards of 50%. Just that one feature alone is worth every penny spent on this tool. Too many pushers require enough gymnastics to turn the crank to earn someone a spot on the U.S. Olympic team. And, the more force involved, the more chance of a mistake or distortion of the sight or slide. This tool also allows sight replacement or windage adjustments on optics or suppressor-equipped guns. That’s handy.

The GUNSMITH-Series model comes complete with a multi-function handle, magnetic steel GLOCK front sight tool, an extra brass bit, locking wedge, go/no-go gauges, Lucas Extreme Duty gun oil and Vibra-Tite threadlocker.

There are centering scribe marks on the brass pusher, making sight centering and adjustment a breeze.

The synthetic wedge and brass pusher helps to assure a scratch-free installation!

The open-top design allows you to see what you’re doing (a real issue with many pushers), and the magnetic bits help you not to drop sights, screws or the tool handle. Great thinking by XS! The brass pusher is also equipped with centering scribes, making it easy to center when installing a sight and to make windage adjustments while sighting in.

The tool fits all GLOCK and OEM aftermarket slides, and comes with a magnetic GLOCK front sight tool. The non-marring brass pusher bit and nylon wedge ensure no unsightly marks are left on a slide when the work is finished.

XS Sights says the sight tool is good for 200-plus installations, but I think with some care, like lubing the threads at each use, and simply not abusing it, the pusher will last much longer. The effort to install the new XS R3D 2.0 series sights is much less than many standard sights (up to 50% less effort due to their “crush zone”), and if you’re doing a lot of those installations it’s even easier on the tool.

The lever can be centered for speedy turning, then extended for more leverage if needed.

The XS Gunsmith-Series sight pusher is easy to use and virtually guarantees a good result with a sight installation
on any GLOCK or OEM slide.

The pusher system is offered in many kit forms, from the basic pusher to pushers and sight combos to save money. You may want to consider whether you could buy one for your gun club or maybe you have a few friends who could pool their resources and share one tool. The first use saves the cost of having a gunsmith mount sights and precludes the chance of flubbing an install by the old “brass punch and hammer” method! The price ranges from $150 to about $304, depending on the kit and options.

The GUNSMITH-Series Sight Pusher Kit for GLOCK is a top-quality tool made in the USA by a family-owned business that prides itself on supporting law enforcement and the military. To say the crew at XS Sights is patriotic is to understate things! Supporting this kind of company helps to keep our industry and our passion for shooting strong.

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