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Sourdough Style

A couple of Simply Rugged carved holsters out in the field. Surely Western and rugged as all get-out.

Rob Leahy was corrupted early in life and the responsible reprobates were Elmer Keith, Skeeter Skelton and Jeff Cooper. Guns, shooting and adventure naturally grab a boy’s attention, at least they did back then. Growing up in the hills of Arizona, Rob had room to roam and shoot the guns he read about.

Looking like an old-time Alaskan Sourdough, Rob Leahy is a self-made man. Burly and bearded, his hearty laugh is contagious and he’s been making holsters for you and me the past 14 years.

Seeking adventure, Rob and his wife Jan moved to Alaska, where they could hunt and fish, living there for six years. As an interesting side-note, Rob’s great uncle, Hal Waugh, was Alaska’s first certified master hunting guide.

Here’s a few of Tank’s personal favorites in Rugged gear. It gives you a sample
of the can-do nature of their work.

Gettin’ Started

Afan of Roy Baker’s “Hidden Thunder Pancake” style holster, Rob designed his own holster when he couldn’t find one for his favorite S&W N-Frame revolvers. Rob’s version used heavier leather, covering more of the gun and trigger-guard, making the thumb-break unnecessary. This became Rob’s bread and butter pancake holster.

Friends and family liked it and wanted one, so Rob made a few more. Things started snowballing and Rob started getting more and more requests as word of mouth and his rugged looking holsters sold themselves.

By 2004, demand became so great Rob started selling his holsters part-time. Jeff Quinn first coined the phrase, “simple and rugged,” describing Rob’s holsters, and the name stuck for the new business.

Today, Rob offers a variety of holster styles.

The Sourdough Simple is Simply Rugged’s basic holster, looking like something a true Alaskan Sourdough would wear. Rob’s Sourdoughs are slotted for both strong side and cross-draw style carry, making them extremely versatile.

The Cuda Cutie is made for semi-auto carry and is a slimmer version of the Sourdough. A trim package that carries well, it feathers the holster body, making for a print-less presentation.

Left: Shootist, Second To Left: Cattleman, Right: 120 Threepersons, Far Right: El Dorado

Western Style Worthy

Looking for a more traditional Western flair? Check out Rob’s new El Dorado model, Cattleman, 120 Threepersons, or Shootist holsters, all sure to scratch your western itch. Add an accent of exotic hide, basket weave, stamping, or have the whole holster covered with a different hide for a truly custom look.

An avid outdoorsman, Rob designed his “Chesty Puller System” out of necessity after a bear charged him while he was fishing in the Russian River. A simple design, this harness can be used to carry your gun either across your chest, or under your arm, whichever works best for you. The harness attaches to any of Rob’s Sourdough style holsters.

Rob makes cartridge slides, belts, slings, wallets, leashes — you name it and he does it. Rob’s Sourdough and Cuda are versatile, too! They can also be worn IWB with the attachment of two belt loops, sold separately.

Rob uses only Hermann Oak leather, known for being the oldest tannery in the U.S. Rob moved back to Arizona in 2010, where Simply Rugged Holsters has been ever since. His shop also offers a large variety of exotic hides, so check with him to see what’s in stock.

I had to pry this last tidbit from Rob, and he didn’t want me to share it, but I am. Rob regularly sends dozens of holsters to soldiers overseas as his way of “giving back.” He reluctantly told me this as I read the many letters posted on his wall — all from grateful soldiers.

Rob’s the kind of person we want to support, as you indirectly support our troops yourself. Simply Rugged is veteran owned too.

So when you get your next gun, or need a well built, strong, Simply Rugged holster, check out his website. Currently, there is a 2-3 week lead on orders, which is pretty darn good!

For more info:, Ph: (928) 227-0432

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