Gettin’ Started

Afan of Roy Baker’s “Hidden Thunder Pancake” style holster, Rob designed his own holster when he couldn’t find one for his favorite S&W N-Frame revolvers. Rob’s version used heavier leather, covering more of the gun and trigger-guard, making the thumb-break unnecessary. This became Rob’s bread and butter pancake holster.

Friends and family liked it and wanted one, so Rob made a few more. Things started snowballing and Rob started getting more and more requests as word of mouth and his rugged looking holsters sold themselves.

By 2004, demand became so great Rob started selling his holsters part-time. Jeff Quinn first coined the phrase, “simple and rugged,” describing Rob’s holsters, and the name stuck for the new business.

Today, Rob offers a variety of holster styles.

The Sourdough Simple is Simply Rugged’s basic holster, looking like something a true Alaskan Sourdough would wear. Rob’s Sourdoughs are slotted for both strong side and cross-draw style carry, making them extremely versatile.

The Cuda Cutie is made for semi-auto carry and is a slimmer version of the Sourdough. A trim package that carries well, it feathers the holster body, making for a print-less presentation.