Steinel 10mm Auto


The 10mm has exploded in popularity and for many good reasons. It’s a powerful, reliable cartridge suitable for both semi-autos and revolvers of all types. From hard-cast hunting loads to high-performance defensive ammo, there are dozens of ammo options available. If you’re a handloader, you can do even more amazing things with it. With some loads, power borders on the .41 Magnum!

Steinel is a small ammo maker — I call them “Boutique” makers — since they often specialize in performance and quality most bigger makers don’t have the time to mess with. Steinel’s new 10mm load is a good example. The light-for-caliber 140 gr. solid copper bullet is a hollow point, driven at 1,515 fps from a 4.6″ barrel. It’s specifically geared toward personal defense and shows 13″ of penetration in gel. The light bullet offers modest recoil, and in my test pistol (an EAA Witness-P) it was very easy to manage and controllable.

However, this isn’t a hunting round, you’d need more reliable, deeper penetration. Steinel offers a 200 gr. hard-cast, truncated cone shaped 10mm hunting load pushing that bullet out at 1,200 fps from a 5″ barrel test gun. That’d offer lots of penetration on game like pigs and smaller deer. But that same penetration makes it not appropriate for defensive use. So choose the right load for the job at hand.

Our test ammo was reliable, accurate and of obvious high quality, showing attention to details in both the build and packaging. The 140 gr. load retails for $22.99, a very fair price for this sort of thing.

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