Streamlight Stylus PRO USB Penlight


People recommend many noble ideas, but few follow through with action. One such apothegm is, “always carry a flashlight.” Easier said than done. Until now.

The Streamlight Stylus PRO is, quite literally, pen-sized, yet packs a wallop. The high mode beams 350 lumens for up to 1.5 hours while the power-saving low mode cranks out 90 lumens for 3.5 hours. A double tap of the tailcap switch changes the power mode. This same push button operates in either momentary “on” mode with a lighter touch or you can press to a full click to engage the light until you want it off.

My favorite feature is the USB rechargeable operation. No more batteries! The charging port is under the sliding lens cover, helping keep the stylus water resistant. Whether or not you wear a pocket protector, you can carry this one like any other pen.

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