Streamlight TLR-6 For 1911


This is brilliant. Got a 1911 with no rail and wish you had a light or laser — or both? Rather than fussing with welding on something, bolting on a rail, changing out a grip-frame, etc. — just buy this. There, now you’re done. Streamlight’s TLR-6 “For Non-Rail 1911 Handguns” is just that. Using a simple but very clever design, the unit sort of bolts around the trigger guard rim area. Once tightened down snugly, it’s solid and holds zero. On-off is finger-pressure and you can choose from a 100 lumen light, red laser or both.

Battery power is supplied by two CR-1/3N Lithium batteries (about an hour run-time) and the whole thing only weighs a measly 1.27 ounces. It’s feathery in the hand and you don’t notice it at all on the gun. And, you can replace the batteries without unscrewing the rig from the gun so there’s no need to re-zero when you re-power. It fits just about any conventional 1911 grip frame with a standard rounded trigger guard but not the weird exotic ones with squared guards. Think conventional 1911 designs from the likes of Colt, Kimber, Springfield Armory, SIG, Para, Remington, S&W, Ruger. If you have something you’re not sure of, go to Streamlight’s website and they list the specific models from each maker it can fit.

I installed this on my old two-tone Les Baer 5″ 1911 .45 with a lightweight frame (jealous?) and it took about two minutes to figure it out and install it. Worked like a charm and even with my munchkin-like short fingers, I could pretty much reach what needed to be reached. Now, it won’t fit your conventional holster (you may need to get some sort of generic soft rig) so you’ll need to think of this if you’re going to carry it. But for home or work-place defense it suddenly makes your 100-year-old workhorse as modern as anybody’s polymer, rail-equipped master-blaster. MSRP is $175 but shop around a bit, if you get my drift.

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