Target Vision


Target Vision

I’ve toyed with a few of the camera systems out there and will be the first to admit early on I didn’t understand the need. A good spotting scope does the job reliably — with no batteries or iPads or wireless needed. Then I actually used one of the early systems and realized they were on to something here. In a nutshell, with a target camera system you get a camera you set up near the target, “looking” at the target. You set them to one side or the other, promising yourself not to shoot it.

Back at your shooting bench, there’s either a receiver or just an iPad or phone receiving a wireless signal from the camera. The image is then shown on your iPad or phone. I was sold on the concept and have been using one system now for about two years and was thinking newer technology might be better. I was right.

The Target Vision system is rock solid and of extremely high quality. So far, after using it about 10 times or so, the software has been stable, it connects smoothly and the features are easy to use and understand. I like the fact you can also set it to just show the target, without any fancy features distracting things. You charge the units (good for about 12 hours of use), download their free application, set the camera up near the target on the supplied tripod, turn it on, find the WiFi signal on your iPad (I like the bigger screen), select it, aim the camera then return to the bench. The “receiver” unit gets aimed at the camera, you link with its WiFi signal, and presto — you can see the target up to two miles away (with the ELR system tested). I tried it at about 600 yards (the farthest I can get on my land here) and it delivered a clear, reliable image.

Using the app, you can mark your shots, track and make notes, take photos and videos and a bunch more things. It can also sync with up to 10 users so a club or group watching a shooter can all see the target on their phones or iPads. The “fancy” system is about $900 (with the case), and entry level systems start at about $350 depending upon the accessories and “bundle” you decide to buy. A club purchase makes perfect sense, and two or three buddies joining to buy one of these would make group shooting even more fun. For more info:, Ph: (281) 205-8134.

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