In the world of semi-autos, there are few choices for cartridges more powerful than the .32 Auto. The .32 North American Arms (.32 NAA) is a little more powerful than the .32 Auto. It’s a .380 ACP necked down to .32 caliber. It pushes an 80-gr. bullet to 1,000 fps. This compares to the .32 ACP pushing a 73-gr. bullet to 1,000 fps, though most .32 Auto ammo is loaded a little lighter than this. The .32 NAA is only chambered in one gun, the NAA Guardian, a very small pocket auto for self-defense. This limits the versatility of the round.

At best, those two .32 caliber semi-auto rounds approach .38 Special ballistics. But hold on. There’s a .32 caliber semi-auto round blowing the pants off them both. It’s the 7.62x25 Tokarev, and it’s in the same power league as the 327 Federal. It pushes an 85-gr. bullet to 1,645 fps getting some serious juice going.