VZ Grips G10 Daggers

G10 Daggers are strong and durable. Machined to a penetrating needlepoint and geometrically shaped for deep-reaching penetration, complete with opposing blood grooves, this “high-tech” primitive weapon will surely deter the most hardened of criminals when used proficiently. Crude, but effective, daggers are deadly!

G10 consists of a fiberglass, glass composite weave, is sharp to the touch and has a tensile strength higher than steel. It is the perfect material to machine into a clandestine edged-weapon capable of inflicting serious harm, should the need arise and slip silently through security checkpoints.

Three stylish machined patterns are available providing a positive, secure grip, even when wet.

Available in the 5 ¾” Discrete model, 7 ¾” Executive or the longer reaching, deepest penetrating 8″ Don model, VZ has the right style and size for anyone. Leather sheaths are also available for easier carry/concealment. They can be worn on the belt, strapped onto a leg or arm, or simply carried in a purse or pocket.