What I Carry

Kahr Arms CM9

Living in a rural area...

…finds me carrying a firearm in the truck on a daily basis. Our farm is just a few minutes’ drive from our home and some type of gun accompanies me mainly for varmints and vermin. When I do leave town, a handgun for personal protection is on my side. Over the years I’ve experimented with several. I’ve tried certain guns for summer months and switched to other models in the winter. Now I’ve settled on one rig: Kahr Arms CM9.

This striker-fired, polymer-framed 9mm has been a real reliable piece and I’ve never experienced a malfunction. The pistol is sleek and slim with the slide only .90 inches wide and machined from stainless steel with a matte finish. The six-round magazine features Wolff Gunsprings and feeds effortlessly. The double-action-only trigger is smooth. The pinned Trijicon front sight aligns painlessly with the black square notch wearing a white stripe. These sights even glow in dim lighting conditions. This pistol is most comfortable to shoot and feels great in my hands.

The CM9 rides in a Mitch Rosen belt holster from their Express Line. This leather holster secures the gun and rides close to the body. It’s an attractive piece of leather and extremely functional.

The CM9 is loaded with Hornady’s 115-gr. Critical Defense ammo. After shooting this combination at 7, 10 and 15 yards, the accuracy provides peace of mind.

It’s good to find a combination of pistol, holster, and ammo that gives you confidence. Thanks to Kahr Arms, Mitch Rosen and Hornady, I’ve found my desired insurance policy.