Wildcat Super Speed

An extension of the Winchester Wildcat line of rimfire ammunition, new Wildcat Super Speed utilizes the versatile copper-plated Dynapoint hollowpoint projectile with increased velocity of 1,300 fps, providing more downrange energy and optimizing cycling in semi-automatic rifles and pistols.

Manufactured to Winchester’s high standards, Wildcat Super Speed uses reliable primers, clean-burning powder charges and dimensionally consistent projectiles to ensure top-rated accuracy and dependable operation.

Wildcat Super Speed is available in 100-round boxes, packed in durable black packaging with a clear sliding lid for convenient loading, or dumping, of cartridges whether plinking or hunting.

Recapture the free-feeling fun you had as a kid shooting your rifle or pistol and grab a box of Winchester Wildcat Super Speed. Better yet, grab a few boxes and take your kids shooting with you!

For more info: winchester.com