Winchester WinClean 244


Winchester WinClean 244 powder is specially designed to eliminate fouling while still delivering tip-top performance.
It’s available in 1-, 4-. and 8-lb. containers. Images courtesy of the manufacturer.

Are you a serious handloader who wants to get the most performance out of your handgun reloads? Do you want top-end performance with reduced fouling? Then Winchester WinClean 244 is just right for you.

WinClean 244 is the equivalent of Winchester 231, specially enhanced to eliminate fouling as you shoot. It delivers the same clean-burning consistency and low-flash characteristics, while prolonging the full accuracy potential of you and your firearm.

WinClean 244 is a ball powder, ensuring precise metering.

Planning on doing some serious handloading? Then pick up the 8-lb. container for high-volume reloading!

Winchester WinClean 244 is a ball powder developed for medium handgun loads. It’s ideally suited to .38 Special, .45 Auto and 9mm standard loads — covering the most common and popular handgun chamberings out there.

Consistency, low flash and a broad range of applications make this powder a top choice for any handgun cartridge loader. Since it’s a ball powder, it features precise metering. And with the WinClean additive, it burns cleaner and reduces copper fouling. It’s available in 1-, 4-, and 8-lb. containers.

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