Inglis GP-35 Pistol Package

Prize Package Value – $955

After securing the rights to the Inglis High Power last year, the late production workhorse of British military fame, SDS Imports now introduces another remarkable gun! The 9mm Inglis GP-35! The GP-35 has a case hardened frame, color case hardened finish, Turkish walnut grips and comes with two 15-round Sabatti magazines. The Inglis GP3-5 finds its way to American Handgunner as the May/June giveaway gun.

Streamlight’s USB-C rechargeable Wedge XT delivers up to 500 lumens for two hours on high. Measuring 4.25", the light features a flat, low-profile design. Made of rugged anodized aluminum with a waterproof charge port, the Wedge XT balances durability with performance.

The Spartan-George Raider is a sleek and durable dagger with a full tang design, injection molded handles and modern SK5 steel. The dagger has a double-edged 7" blade with stiletto-sharp tip and diamond-shaped cross section, sharpened on both cutting edges all the way to its the oval cross guard.

The Inglis GP-35 from SDS Imports, Streamlight’s Wedge XT and Spartan-George Raider from Spartan Blades can all be yours if you enter the giveaway.

Giveaway ends May 31, 2024.

Inglis GP-35 Pistol Package

May/June 2024 Giveaway