A "Fitz" Special

I found this Colt .38 Special a few years back. It had been sitting in a gun shop for a while for $200. It wasn't pretty, but it shot well so it came home with me.

I happen to like short barrel revolvers, and originally, this wasn't one. I had seen a Fitz Special when the idea came over me to make this 6" Colt look like a Fitz.

One of my usual stops told me about a kid who has just become a gunsmith. He had set up a small shop near his house so I gave him a call and made a donation to his new business in the form of some micrometers, lathe bits and reamers I had. In return, he cut down the barrel, crowned it, reattached the front sight and rounded the butt stock. He wouldn’t cut the trigger guard, but he did give me some walnut for the grips, which I shaped. I'm still debating on the trigger guard; I almost cut it of the other day but got involved with another project.

I hear the kid is now studying to be a doctor. I guess he prefers cleaner hands, and he can always have a second job.

Jim Lieto