Behind the Scenes

The Ruger on the Range

The Gun — and the Challenge

Ruger’s cool new SR1911 Competition Pistol is our cover gun for the July/Aug 2019 issue of Handgunner. All well and good, and frankly, I’m looking forward to putting plenty of rounds through it before I write it up. I’ve shot it a bit already and so far, I think you’re getting a lot of “custom” pistol for about the $2,400 mark in a gun store. Don’t let that number shock you as even “stock” factory-produced high quality autos and revolvers easily top the $1,000 to $1,500 mark these days. With the SR1911 you are, indeed, getting what is essentially a custom pistol loaded with features normally found on hand-built custom 1911s — for about half the price of a true one-off custom gun.

So what’s the challenge? It’s what I like to call my “back door range” here in Missouri. The pic below is from a snowfall a couple of years ago, but there’s more scheduled in the next day or two … right when I’ve earmarked my shoot time. So keep your fingers crossed for me, would ya? Will the snow behave? Or will I be making a fool of myself outside? And if so, how will that be any different than the other times I make a fool out of myself outside? This time, I’ll just be a nice blue color, I guess? I’ll take pics.

Gotta’ find that propane patio heater. I know it’s around some place here …

Brrr …

Learn more about the Ruger SR1911 Competition Pistol.