The Touches

Let’s clear the decks first. BCA has built a firm reputation supplying arguably the most innovative, rugged sighting designs for revolvers — period. Today, BCA showcases that work as being the foundation of the shop. You can not only simply buy sights from BCA as appropriate for your own gun and install them, but you can also use these bold, clear sights as a benchmark for any build you have done from BCA’s catalog of work offered. If you think BCA, make sure sights are at the top of your list.

In our case, Hamilton performed what is essentially his catalog No. RS03(2) “Perfected Bisley No. 2” work. It includes an action/trigger tune, polished cylinder notches, oversize locking base pin, Rough Country rear sight and DX-type front sight with compatible blade.

To this already comprehensive list, Hamilton “larded it up” as he said, with favorite options. Added were a full-length ejector rod housing (assuring 110 percent extraction length) and an added recoil-proof lug hidden beneath the housing to keep it in its proper place. The cylinder received the “black powder” chamfer that really helps to save leather holsters, besides simply looking swell.

Something I find particularly fetching is the scalloping done to the recoil shield/loading gate, both pleasing the eye and taking a bit of weight off simultaneously. A lanyard ring is installed — “As any proper revolver should have,” as Hamilton says — and some miscellaneous sight options were tossed in. For me, the shallow “V” and Big Dot Tritium front seem to work fine and are very fast to find.