Exclusive: Ed Brown EVO-KC9


Ed Brown Handgun

Ed Brown Products arguably make one of the finest 1911’s on the market. Don’t think so? Then you’ve probably never had the privilege of shooting one! Don’t feel bad, neither did I … until recently.

For more than 40 years Ed Brown has been a competitor, tool and die maker and world-renowned gunsmith. Believing the model 1911 is the finest fighting handgun ever designed is the catalyst driving Ed Brown to make the finest 1911 humanly possible. It’s been his continuing life goal to do so.

Ed Brown handgun

Ed Brown Handgun


This year, Ed released the EVO-KC9, a 9+1 single-stack 9mm shooter any 1911 guru would be proud to carry, shoot or showoff. The EVO is short for Evolution, and picks up where the Kobra Carry left off at its inception 20 years ago.

Features still include the high-end custom characteristics Ed Brown guns are famous for, including the Ed Brown Bobtail, a stainless steel base and snakeskin application on the forestrap and Bobtail housing.

Ed Brown Handgun

Ed Brown Handgun

Thin Is In

Optimized for the 9mm, the KC9 carries the same characteristics of the Kobra Carry, only it’s slimmed down in size and weight for optimal concealed carry. Complete with traditional 1911 controls, the KC9 makes use of standard 1911 magazines and standard grips with an EB Bobtail cut.

Some parts are completely redesigned, taking advantage of modern improvements such as a new external extractor, easy to change front sight, smaller ledge front sight, fluted bull barrel with target crown and flat-wire recoil spring system.

The new stainless steel slide is shortened to 4", thinned substantially, including a stylish seven-faceted custom cut top with special front and rear serrations. A recessed slide stop completes the package.

Ed Brown handgun Sight

Ed Brown Handgun

KC-9 Shoots

The KC-9 has a ravenous appetite, digesting all ammo fed to it, including powder coated cast bullet handloads, hollowpoints (or “holler points” as I call them) without a hitch, hiccup or belch. Shooting from 50 feet, groups averaged 1–1.5" for five shots. The trigger is crisp and creep free, just as you would expect from Ed Brown.

Ed Brown Handgun


The EVO-KC9 is 7.5" in length and has a height of 5.35". Weight is 34 oz. and width is 0.860". Sights are serrated U-notch rear and orange HD XR front, providing a fast and slick sight picture. Slide and frame are matte stainless steel.

Ed Brown Products was founded in 1988, and the Brown family personally supervises all aspects and phases of production of the 1911’s. Parts are manufactured to the tightest tolerances in the industry.

MSRP is $1,895. For more info: https:// www.edbrown.com, Ph: (573) 565-3261.