Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp 10mm Short


Ruger HKGP

Those dastardly demons at Ruger’s R&D (Research & Development) are at it again. Just when we think we have any semblance of catching up with their latest releases, they leak out yet another one … enticing us beyond all means! It’s just cruel and unusual, but typical of Ruger. Boy, have they been busy keeping us … uh, happy? Maybe frustrated is more like it? Either way, there’s no denying they continue to pump out goodies at intervals too frequent for our bank accounts to keep up.

Ruger HKGP

10mm — You Bet!

This latest medley touts the 10mm cartridge in an easily concealed 3″ GP100 wheelgun for those who prefer the reassurance of a revolver. I love this blending of a traditional DA sixshooter with the fairly modern 10mm. Six strapping straight-walled rounds bound together by a moon clip for easy insertion and extraction of the cylinder packing a potent punch; what’s not to like?

Ruger HKGP

GP100 Yet Again

The GP100 has been the preferred platform for the white lab-coat guys this year to tweak and transform into several different variants for us. From the 5″ blued semi-lug barreled Lipsey’s Exclusives to the Sporty Match Champion, the 3″ full-lug stainless is about perfect for revolver-toting concealed carriers. The .44 Special started it and the 10mm is finishing it. How’s that for two cartridges worthy of cult status?

Ruger HKGP


We already mentioned the 3″ full-lug barrel in a stainless finish. The triple-locking cylinder is locked into the frame in the front, rear and bottom for positive alignment and consistent lock-up, round after round for optimal accuracy while firing. The patented grip-frame accommodates a variety of custom grips and comes with Ruger’s recoil absorbing cushioned rubber, with hardwood inserts, for form and function.

Takedown is quick and easy with no special tools required to dismantle the GP100’s integrated subassemblies for maintenance and cleaning.

Novak low profile, snag free front and rear sights provide an exquisite sight picture. The fiber optic front sight will gather all available ambient light in lowlight conditions. The transfer-bar safety provides security against accidental discharge.


The Ruger GP100 3″ weighs in at 36 oz., and is 8.5″ long. It has a six-round capacity and ships with three moon clips. The Ruger GP100 10mm 3″ is a TALO Distributor Exclusive and has an MSRP of $859.

For more info:
Ph: (336) 949-5200

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