FN 509 Mid-Size Prize …The New King Of The Hill?


In a world brimming of poly-framed, striker-fired 9mm pistols, the mere thought of yet another release will surely torque traditionalists’ tempers. Defiantly thumping their chests they shout, “Give me steel, or give me death!”

Sure, I appreciate all-steel guns, but I also enjoy the advantages of polymer-framed, striker-fired pistols. Like so many dogs I’ve met, there are few guns I don’t get along with. I love them all! Remember, there’s more strength in flexibility than rigidity. Be it mix-breed or purebred, beauty is in the eye of the beholder … and FN’s 509 is no mutt!

FN 509 Handgun

FN 509 Middie

FN’s release of the 509 Mid-Size is causing quite the commotion in the land-o-plenty. A tough task indeed, this “middie” stands out on its own. The 509 cradles naturally in your palm, and as you lift it the three contrasting surfaces on the grip frame give you a sense it belongs in your hand. I didn’t want to put it down … and I hadn’t shot it yet!

The controls are perfectly positioned for ease of operation. The ambidextrous magazine release and slide lock allow for the form/function of your choosing —lefty or righty.

The trigger is simply the best I’ve ever felt on a striker-fired pistol. Smooth, its average break was measured at 5.5 lbs. with a very quick reset. The large triggerguard even accommodates gloves during cold weather.

The frame is complete with a Mil-Std 1913 rail for any preferred light/laser. The grip bottom has tapered indents, giving fingers a better purchase for stubborn magazine removal in the unlikely occurrence of a double feed.

FN 509 handgun

FN 509 Handgun

The steel slide has both front and rear serrations and an external extractor. The extractor also performs as a chamber indicator by touch and sight. Fixed, low profile, dovetailed, three-dot, luminescent combat sights provide quick sight picture and target acquisition.

The 4″ barrel is cold hammer-forged stainless steel, with a recessed target crown for top accuracy and the polished chamber and feed ramp ensure positive feeding and extraction. Magazines are 15+1, or 10+1 depending on your locale.

FN 509 Handgun

FN 509 Handgun

Tank’s A Tease?

Shooting the 509 Mid-Size was a pleasure. The gun gobbled up everything I fed it, spitting out the bullets in nice tight groups. I’m saving those photos for future articles coming soon in both American Handgunner and GUNS Magazine. I was pleased, to say the least, and really like this gun.

FN 509 Handgun


The 509 Mid-Size weighs 26.5 oz., and has an overall length of 7.4″. Height is 5.2″, sight radius is 5.79″ and width is 1.35″.

The 509 Mid-Size ships with two 10- or 15-round magazines. It’s compatible with FN 509 17- and 24-round magazines with appropriate sleeves. It arrives with two interchangeable backstraps, owner’s manual, locking device and an FN embroidered logo soft case. MSRP is $649.

For more info: www.fnamerica.com, Ph: (703) 288-3500