Added Features

Baer guns come with a long list of what I’d call “standard” features, but have nothing standard about them. His penchant for consistent quality is represented in the wide-range of 1911 models he makes and the fact each one rides in the top tier of their categories in the market.

Les and his team assured the American Handgunner Special Edition featured not only the “must-have” touches readers asked for, but those other thoughtful, even necessary, upgrades to 1911 engineering Baer’s shop has developed over the decades.

I like to call these touches Les Baer’s no-compromise components and build excellence. His “Guaranteed to shoot 3" at 50 yards” promise is one of those and in my book one of most important. While pie-plate groups at 25 yards may get the job done in a defensive handgun — it’s not memorable.

It’s disappointing.

A gun like the Special Edition can hit a soda can at 50 yards with the right ammo — and the right shooter on the trigger. Think about that for a second if you will. It’s something to savor, to anticipate and to aspire to. And that, friends, isn’t disappointing. It’s exciting to think about — and to plan on accomplishing. But you need the right tools.