More Than a Number

In 1957 all Smith & Wesson sixguns lost their personal name and became a number. The Combat Magnum became the Model 19 and when it appeared in stainless steel form in 1975 it was known as the Model 66. The original Model 19 was dropped in 1999 while the stainless steel Model 66 lasted a few years into this century. Recently, the stainless steel Model 66 Combat Magnum was resurrected and now this year the Model 19 is back.

While the original Combat Magnum and the resurrected 21st-century version look like twins at first glance, there are differences. Internally they’re quite different as the modern version, which is known as the Model 19 Classic, has all of what Smith & Wesson calls “enhanced with modern internal components” while still maintaining the look and feel of the original models.