Clint’s Design

I know of no one today who knows more about the defensive use of firearms than Clint Smith. He not only knows his stuff he is a very talented teacher and his CDs are worth having by anyone owning a firearm. His first rule of gunfighting is a most important and practical “Avoid It!” if it’s all possible. He also gives very sound advice on being able to use what we have.

Pictured is a new style stock known as the Clint Smith/Thunder Ranch Style designed by our own Clint. These are basically the Skeeter Skelton Style with no flair at the bottom strap. They feel very good in my hand and actually seemed to give a little more control as the hand seems able to wrap around them a little more. Clint still believes revolvers are viable for self defense and this style grip not only provides extra added security when shooting it also helps with concealment under a jacket.