Ruger LCPII .22 LR

Reliability of .380, Fun of .22

I hope you’ve seen the Insider Action video on this fun little gun to get a sense of just how delightful the new Ruger LCPII .22 LR really is. It’s light, a breeze to carry, amazingly easy to run the slide (thanks to Ruger’s new “Lite Rack” system), holds 10+1 rounds of .22 LR and retails for $349. A lot for a “little” gun if you ask me!

The real attraction is the ability of even someone with weak hands or other disability to still run the slide easily. Combined with the near-zero recoil of the .22 LR, it brings compact shooting to a new group of people previously left out in the rain by harder-to-use guns.

Little Details

I really like the fact the slide locks open on an empty magazine, and the left side safety is a “push forward” natural movement. The textured, larger grip frame makes getting a grip easier and also distributes recoil over the hand better. The fixed front and rear sights seemed to shoot to point of aim on our test sample, and I was actually able to easily hit an 8″ steel plate at 25 yards. Amazingly fun to do that with such a tiny pocket pistol!

The LCPII .22LR has a crisp “single-action” style trigger and a back-up safety system using a secondary hook to “catch” the hammer should it fall accidentally — which it can’t! The hammer can’t hit the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled to the rear.

The slide is an alloy steel and the barrel is a satin stainless. At 5.2 inches long and 4 inches tall, it fits right into any pocket with the included soft pocket holster. Empty, it weighs just 11.2 ounces.

It ships with one 10-round magazine and a nifty magazine loader to help those of us with weaker fingers. It’s also compatible with existing LCPII series accessories, except for obvious .380 ACP magazines.

A Little Testing

I’ve already put near 300 rounds through my test sample with no cleaning or even additional lube, and it’s never faltered a single time. It’s rated for high velocity .22 LR ammo, but mine also runs just fine with sub-sonic CCI rounds, which are even softer and easier to shoot than the HV stuff.

A pocket-carry defensive pistol for people who need this type of technology, I’d call it first-rate. If you’re looking for a back-up gun, you’ve found it. If you just want a handy .22 for the trail, your pocket around the farm or to teach kids to shoot, it checks all those boxes too. Mine is definitely not going back to Ruger!

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