I’ve had considerable experience with .45 Officers Models over the past 30+ years from a couple different manufacturers. I’ve often heard these smaller .45s with their shorter barrels weren’t reliable, however I haven’t had a single problem with feeding and functioning that could not be traced to the ammunition. With proper loads they always work. The one drawback however is the fact in my now much older hands recoil is definitely objectionable after a couple of full magazines have been emptied.

For use as a defensive pistol there is no problem, however shooting several hundred rounds over a period of a couple hours isn’t something to look forward to. But the 9mm version changes this. Even though it is only 27 ozs. with its anodized aluminum frame, it’s still quite pleasant to shoot and I’ve no problem putting 300 rounds through it in one session.

Sixteen factory loads were tried in extensively testing this Ruger Officers Model-Style 9mm. Both hollowpoint and full metal jacket designs were tried with bullet weights running from the NOV X 65-gr. ARX bulleted rounds up to SIG SAUER 147-gr. FMJs. All firing was done at a self-defense distance of 7 yards. It shot 115- and 124-gr. JHPs exceptionally well, with the Black Hills 115-gr. JHP +P loads clocking out at over 1,200 fps and their 124-gr. JHP right at 1,100 fps. Standard velocity 115-gr. JHPs which performed well included the HPR at 1,030 fps; SIG SAUER V-Crown,1,067 fps; and Speer Blazer at 1,109 fps. The HPR proved to be most accurate with five rounds in 3/4″ at 7 yards. The specialty Honey Badger load from Black Hills with a 125-gr. ARX bullet was also quite accurate with groups under 1″. I would have no hesitation carrying this small 9mm concealed.