SIG’S P320

Striker-Fired, DA Only!

No external safety to confuse things!

The ambi-slide release is thoughtful.

For those of us who revere the classic P226 and its cousins, the new P320 from SIG/Sauer is very different. Different, though, in good ways. You get the excellent SIG quality, but the price is markedly lower. The main difference is mechanical. The P320 is striker-fired — no hammer — and the trigger system is double-action only.

The frame is high-tech polymer, and all of the working parts are steel. The hand-grip portion of the frame has such a perfect shape there is no need for any back-strap inserts. The texturing, all around, is just right for a good hold, with an almost “furry” feel. (How did they do that?) At the front, there’s a rail for mounting a laser or light.

The trigger is wide, nicely rounded, and it has a smooth surface. There’s about 1/8″ soft take-up, then a nice let-off. According to my Lyman Electronic Scale, the total pull averaged 8 pounds. There’s no manual safety, but an internal one blocks the striker until the last bit of trigger pull.

For you left-handers, I will note the slide latch has levers on both sides, and the magazine release button is reversible. Magazine capacity in 9mm is 17 rounds. Thus, with a chambered round and a spare mag, you have 35 shots. A comfortable feeling. Alas, it cannot be shared with those who live in a state with a repressive regime.

The three-dot square-picture sights come with a nice surprise — you get night-sights as standard equipment. Both front and rear are dovetail-mounted, laterally adjustable. Since they’re night-sights, I’d use a sight-mover, rather than impact-drifting. My sample gun required no adjustment.

The complete kit includes a spare magazine and a nice Kydex holster.

The controls: Takedown lever, slide latch and magazine release. Simple

Both front and rear sights are dovetail-mounted. And no, that’s not
a hammer you see at the back, just a rear slide cover.

Takedown is easy. The recoil spring is a captive unit.

Design Features Galore

There’s no magazine-disconnect safety. The slide also has forward serrations, for those who prefer that cycling method. At the front edge of the extractor, a small square lug will protrude to indicate a loaded chamber. The recoil spring unit is captive, and won’t fly away in takedown.

I tried the P320 at the range only with CorBon DPX, a Plus-P 115-grain load. Felt-recoil was moderate, even with this hot number. Accuracy was typical of SIG and it’s consistent, manageable and simply a pleasure to shoot.

The P320 is, of course, also offered in .40 S&W (14-round magazine). As their humorous ads say, they have “Dropped the hammer”. Well, in their first modern striker-fired pistol, they have done a fine job.

Weight: 29.4 ounces
Length: 8 inches
Height: 5.5″
Width: 1.5″
Barrel length: 4.7″
Magazine capacity: 17 rounds (9mm) 14 rds. (.40 S&W)
MSRP: $713
Manufacturer: SIG/Sauer, Inc.