Checking the ammo bin I found plenty of factory stuff to keep me busy. Included in the testing process were two loads from Winchester, their 250-gr. JHP and their 260-gr. DJHP Bonded Hunting load. DoubleTap offers a 275-gr. Barnes XPB, Federal 275-gr. Barnes Expander, Hornady 200-gr. FTX, Buffalo Bore 300-gr. J.F.N. and two “old” loads from Cor-Bon, a 275-gr. DPX and in their previous Hunter line, a 325-gr. FPPN load.
I also found out it doesn’t take long to find your real friends when you ask around for help to shoot something like this 460!

The 460 S&W Mag. is a stretched out .454 Casull and a step up in both length and power. The versatility of the 460 Mag. lies in the fact you can shoot .454 Casull and .45 Colt also. I have not handloaded for the 460 Mag. but there are many options and great bullets available. The 460 benefits from a flatter trajectory compared to the .500 Mag. The company states the Model 460 XVR has the highest muzzle velocity of any production revolver on earth. That’s a pretty tall statement but I can’t argue with them about it.