The Priest’s Gun

A Catholic Priest showed up at the indoor range and asked if he could shoot. He was given a stall where he produced a single action New Model Number 3 S&W revolver and a nearly full box of .44 Russian ammunition. As several shooters gathered around, the priest reloaded and fired another six shots at the target. All 12 shots hit the target, producing a group of about 6". “Not bad,” said one of the onlookers who was a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff. “Thanks,” said the priest, “but it’s a little big for me; I think I need something smaller.”

The deputy produced an S&W six-shot .38 Special revolver with a 2" barrel, unloaded it and handed it to the priest. “Probably something like this,” he said. “Yes,” replied the priest, “this is just what I’ve been looking for!” The deputy told the priest he had another one at home that was identical and he’d trade it to the priest for the old S&W.

Being curious, the deputy asked the priest where he got the old revolver and the priest told him after receiving a confession the gun was surrendered to him. When the deputy asked what the man confessed, the priest said he couldn’t divulge the details.

It was last fired in good hands.