In 1957/58, the University of Indiana (located in Bloomington) had an academic course for students hoping to pursue a career in law enforcement. Along with class studies the curriculum also exposed students to firearms and pistol shooting. Man-shaped silhouette targets were used — a rarity at the time — as was a requirement for reloading revolvers during the course of fire. Keep in mind during this period revolvers were used by about 99 percent of all police departments, so the wheelgun was the firearm of choice for LEOs.

Without a doubt this updated course of fire became a hit with forward thinking police departments across the country. Enough so in 1959 the very first PPC match was held in Bloomington, and it drew 429 police shooters from 22 states, with some coming from Canada as well. The response was so positive, shortly thereafter the NRA took over the responsibility of overseeing PPC competitions. Shooting in the police sector has never been the same since.