Raw Material

Gaston Glock’s eponymous plastic pistol changed the way people shoot. Simple to use and reliable as a tire iron, the Glock handgun is the Kalashnikov of the handgun world. As a result, a cottage industry has arisen around customizing these imminently versatile contrivances. Amongst this crowded field, DSP Laser is refreshingly different.

The word plastic is an adjective. It describes a material that can be heated and formed into something different. The antonym is elastic. In the case of Glock pistol frames, this just means you can heat it, shape it into something else, and then expect it to stay that way.

Some customized Glock frames look like somebody handed a soldering iron to a crack-addled beaver. While the end result does indeed improve the grippiness of the frame, the aesthetics of the project can be suboptimal. However, the good folks at DSP Laser use a computer-controlled industrial laser to re-texture the grippy bits of your favorite Glock frame. This machine-driven version is, to delve into the vulgar tongue, freaking awesome.

The texture is a cool consistent array of arrow contours burned into the polymer. These uniform geometric shapes sport tiny sharp edges aplenty to better interface the gun with your hand, particularly if you might be sweaty, rushed, or terrified. The computer ensures that these shapes are precisely burned into the spots you want while sparing those you don’t. The final product is legitimately better than the stock gun on the range while making a definitive statement in your holster.