Options Abound

The Tussey Custom shop can handle any repair or general gunsmith project coming up. But 1911 and Hi-Powers are highlights. Terry created a ground-breaking pair, a short “Detective” and “Long Slide” Hi-Power — from parts — ultimately gracing the cover of Handgunner (“Hi-Power Perfection,” March/April 2009). Until you feel a Hi-Power having a crisp 1911-like trigger and be amazed at the accuracy honestly possible when the right ’smith gets their hands on one, consider yourself unfulfilled.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention his work with revolvers of all sorts. I have a Python with a double action measuring an honest 6.5 lbs. on my gauge. A hard-chromed S&W Highway Patrolman’s DA pull is so smooth and light people who try it just stare at the gun afterward, mumbling about “Can I try it again?”

But it’s the 1911 work tending to be the most magical, if you ask me.