We’ll talk about the rifle and the 1911 here since they are a sort of team. The Ultimate Arms Black Widow rifle is a state-of-the-art iteration of Eugene Stoner’s rarefied black gun. All the components are top of the line and the magnesium alloy receivers are billet cut. The thin pencil barrel minimizes weight while remaining more than adequately sturdy for any conceivable application we’d ever need.

The Magna T5 1911 is a commander-sized carry 1911. My version sports a smooth dust cover, though the gun may be had with a Picatinny rail. The Magna T5 includes a competition trigger and match-grade guts. The particulars of this radical pistol are in keeping with typical race guns. There’s low-profile no-snag sights and the resulting dull natural finish looks neat too. Because of the aforementioned tendency of magnesium to passivate, the raw finish is robust and environmentally resistant.