In Memoriam: Tiger McKee


It is with a heavy heart I have to share some sad news. Tiger McKee, long-time author of American Handgunner’s “Tactics and Training” column, has passed away.

While Tiger has graced the pages of American Handgunner and the Tactical Wire with his insightful teachings on personal defense, concealed carry and firearm-related tactics, he’s perhaps best known for his lifelong commitment to being a student. This “always learning” mentality was behind the success and reputation of his ShootRite Firearms Training Academy in Langston, Ala.

Tiger racked up accolades from recognition, including expert ratings on pistol and rifle from none other than Col. Jeff Cooper of Gunsite Academy and teaching certifications from Thunder Ranch and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. But it was always his self-described “lifelong student” approach that made him so relatable.

You could spot one of Tiger’s guns a mile away. While well cared for, they were tools, and he used them – a lot.
The cosmetic wear and tear offers plenty of proof.

Tiger has been a prolific writer, publishing hundreds of “how-to” articles on self-defense and shooting techniques. I addition to his magazine and newsletter work, he found time to publish two successful books — “The Book of Two Guns: The Martial Art of the 1911 Pistol and AR Carbine” and “AR-15 Skills and Drills: Learn How To Run Your AR Like A Pro.”

Tiger has been doing lots of work with the classic Hi-Power recently, performing his own customizations
to make it “just right” for his personal tastes. Again, no safe queens in his stable.

Tiger was never afraid to pick up the file and take it to a shiny, brand-new pistol.
Making it “just right” for hard use was always the number one priority.

In recent years, Tiger’s passion expanded to DIY gunsmithing and customization. You may have noticed more and more articles in American Handgunner and some of our special editions highlighting Tiger’s shop work on revolvers, Hi-Power pistols, and more.

“I’ve known Tiger for some 20 years, and he’s always been an unfailing gentleman. I asked him to write the Tactics and Training column in American Handgunner some years ago, and each one was a delight to read and always made me think. Tiger was popular with readers and his students and for plenty of good reasons,” said Roy Huntington, Special Projects Editor, FMG Publications. “Over the past few years, I’ve had the genuine pleasure of working with Tiger as he’s developed his particular touch when it came to building innovative defensive revolvers and knives. As with his training, Tiger broke new ground with his build ideas and will leave a legacy of kindness, concern, talent and honesty.”

We’ve got a couple of articles he’s completed recently that will be highlighted in upcoming editions of American Handgunner, so please keep an eye out. I know of no better way to honor the man than to share his work.

Tiger will be missed. He was a true gentleman who was truly a joy to work with.

Memorial services for our colleague and friend Tiger McKee will be held at 2 p.m. (central) on Sunday, April 23, at Grace Fellowship Church, 925 West Main St., Albertville, Ala. The family is requesting casual dress — even blue jeans — in honor of Tiger. We at FMG Publications want to thank all of our readers who have generously contributed to the GoFundMe account to benefit his wife, Gretchen, after her devasting loss.