The Gun Debate Has Gotten Bigger


The times they have a’ changed. The forces of darkness, working feverishly to take your guns away and deny the Second Amendment to all Americans, are now fighting us on multiple fronts. It’s not just about registries, restrictive laws, confiscations, carry bans, required licenses, no-knock raids, illegal searches and seizures, lawless enforcement officers, redefined words, gun types, ammo restrictions and the rest. They’ve been down that road so long they’re tired of it and have expanded. We must expand as well.

We must broaden our horizons, focusing on some larger issues if we’re to preserve rights we’ve had for nearly two-and-a-half centuries. You real hard-core gunnies out there may resist because you just want to think about brass, lead and powder, primers, reloading gear, sights, ranges and carry options — the field is vast, as you well know and love. But our problem is now bigger than that.

Woke Front Expansion

Americans must rise up to meet the new challenges if we are to preserve The Bill of Rights and all it represents. You can barely speak publicly about guns any longer! Your voice and the First Amendment are evaporating by design. For Pete’s sake, they’re going after shipping companies, so you (and retailers!) can’t get legal merchandise delivered.

People who are woke, a brand-new psychosis disease now upon us, hate guns and hate people who have guns. Woke-ism represents as great a threat to your rights, all of your rights, as jackbooted thugs at your door — maybe worse. So many of the woke don’t know better — they’ve been brainwashed, and store shelves are out of brainwash detergent.

We now face a wider problem; it’s not just anti-gunners. It’s now an entire social structure against freedom. We have to be alert to this. As readers of this magazine are typically aware, The Bill of Rights was a single amendment to the U.S. Constitution, with 10 ratified articles. They all must stand for the Second to stand. Picking it apart — religion, assembly, the press, search and seizure, strict limitations on government power, an honest judiciary with due process — as the woke community is doing, counts for as much as the RKBA.

All Rights Matter

Woke-ism is mental paralysis. Woke people can’t think clearly, can’t receive new information and are subject to groupthink. Hear me, my friends; we don’t control the groupthink narrative. They’ve walked into newly “established” ways that are unhealthy for America, and denying our right to keep and bear arms is only a piece. I ask, who do you point the muzzle toward when you can’t leave your home because healthcare edicts have been announced?

People outside our legislatures are now writing bills that are too long, complex and convoluted for anyone to read and understand. When I heard Kimberley Stassel of the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board say these bills are not read by the people who pass them, it clarified many things. Government power has been usurped by the deep state, enemies of our country and the permanent bureaucracy. Bills are drafted by self-interested people in remote offices of the deep state. They decide on their own whom to spread money to — namely, their friends. You ain’t their friends. And they ain’t yours.

Mass Formation

That whole mental process (mass formation) has a name that you may know as “mass psychosis.” Look that up, but not on Google, which distorts the answers. It can take over a nation while it’s sleeping and becomes virtually intractable. People were sucked into mass formation after the violent criminal George Floyd (aggravated robbery with a firearm, drugs, armed trespass, and more) was brutally and illegally killed on national TV. The media declared the criminal a hero. People became intolerant and invulnerable to any messages that did not comport with the national hysteria monologue.

It’s not so much a political problem as a medical one, and it threatens your arms worse than a fifth column. For Pete’s sake, it’s a fifth column. We make a grievous error thinking it’s the political arena — we’re in the padded-cell stage.

A perfect example is the so-called inflation reduction act that experts agree won’t reduce inflation. That doesn’t matter. Naming bills deceptively works for the power brokers managing the psychosis. The money you need for ammo and gear is evaporated by people managing the economy. They enact massive giveaways to political insiders with this inflation perpetuation act. The $80 billion to IRS, tax handouts to green companies, and Medicare drug-price negotiating do not maximize freedom. And while they don’t directly affect your guns, increased government power and your reduced finances will.

Woke-ism, the economy, socialism and communism, and socialist and communist enemies like dictatorial Russia and communist China are where at least some focus must be. Again, your right to keep and bear arms does not include lists of where to use that power to enhance your freedoms.

We must embrace the bigger picture.

Award-winning author Alan Korwin has written 14 books, 10 of them on gun law, and has advocated for gun rights for nearly three decades. See his work or reach him at

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