Bugs & Bolt-Cutters

I’ve learned satellite intel is good, like, it can read a license plate from space. But only human intel can tell you what the fatcat in the back seat is sayin’. And no satellite can tell a mobile field kitchen from a mobile biological-weapons lab, but a fire team of Marines with a set of bolt-cutters can.

I’ve learned if you’re anywhere roughly between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and you find a natural source of water which appears clean, clear and free of bugs, don’t drink from it! If even the bugs won’t bathe in it, it’ll probably kill you. You’re better off with water that looks like bug soup. Here’s another piece of wisdom about waterholes which somebody might have chucked a canister of cyanide into: Hoofprints both arriving and departing don’t mean squat. Track ’em away from that hole at least 500 meters, ’cause that’s where you might find ’em dead. Go thirsty, guys.

And finally, from me, for now: Never be in a shot-up all-concrete building when it falls down.

Hey, Tony! This just needs a little Bundy Rum, eh, mate?