Fighting School

The Col. considered Gunsite as an Institute for higher learning — it’s why the classes are numbered like college courses.

Gunsite is not a place one learns to shoot, but where one learns to fight for your life. Through proper mindset, you become aware of potential threats and how to deal with them. Being aware of your surroundings and picking up cues of potentially dangerous interactions are just as valuable as your skill with the gun. Avoiding the conflict to begin with is important.

From what I’ve experienced, Gunsite’s instructors are all top-shelf educators. All were selected while attending classes. Most have backgrounds in law enforcement or military, with teaching/instructing backgrounds, but all have taken in-house classes from the start. The standouts are handpicked and follow more rigorous training, classes and actual teaching of classes, where fellow instructors critique and grade them. A long process, the best rise to the top and are selected.