SureFire offers Sonic Defenders Earplugs. Unlike muffs these fit inside the ear and are offered with an NRR of 24 to 30 decibels. They are provided with either a filtered or full block style whichever we feel we need. I’ve been using a pair of custom fit earplugs for many years. These SureFire plugs are not custom fit, however they are nearly so, with different types of stems and sizes available. These are very unobtrusive, making them especially desirable in a hunting situation and they can be used individually or attached to a very lightweight cord and worn around the neck when not in use. They also work at noisy concerts, when mowing the lawn, on construction sites, in machine shops, and the use of power tools; and they even can be left in when swimming.

To give a semi-custom fit the Sonic Defenders are made from soft hypoallergenic polymer and come with three different types of stems with varying levels of protection. These are double-flanged, triple-flanged and memory-foam Comply Canal Tips. A plastic protective case is also provided.