Where It Counts

The first thing I noticed on the range was how small the tiny little gold bead looked in the square notch rear sight. I thought this would have to be changed, but I really concentrated to make sure the bead was centered in the square notch and fired my first shot. What a grand surprise I received. It was dead on for elevation and I only had to move the rear sight two clicks clockwise to center the groups.

I’m not one who believes much in luck, but my goodness how lucky was this? Not only were the sights so close to begin with, I was able to shoot exceptionally tight groups. In testing I went with 16 different brands/configurations of .22 ammunition, and all the groups together averaged less than 1" for five shots at 20 yards. The most accurate loads turned out to be from CCI with their Mini-Mag and their Mini-Mag HPs, both grouping at 1/2" with muzzle velocities of 1,075 fps and 1,195 fps, respectively. Aguilas were right behind these at 5/8" and 1,112 fps while Federal Lightnings (1,125 fps) and Winchester T22s (1,096 fps) came in at 3/4". The largest groups recorded with any ammunition measured 13/8". This is excellent performance.