No Magnumitus

As soon as the Wrangler was announced posters on internet forums started asking if Ruger .22 Single-Six Magnum cylinders could be fitted. The Wrangler has been deliberately engineered so as not to accept magnum cylinders. And the reason is found in two words: aluminum frame. The frame is designed to stand up for thousands upon thousands of rounds of .22 Long Rifle, however it will not do the same thing with the use of .22 Magnum cartridges. This Ruger Wrangler was designed to be a .22 sixgun to do many things, including those I have just mentioned. It is not to be made into something it was never intended to be — a .22 Magnum.

The Wrangler in all three versions was test-fired with 16 variations of .22 LR. I always try to use at least a dozen different types, however with rifles I’m somewhat handicapped as I do not like to use lead bullets in the longer rifle barrels, preferring plated bullets. With the short-barreled .22 Wranglers this is not a problem and I was able to use seven lead bullet versions and nine plated.