Trump’s Legacy

This case may show how Trump’s most significant legacy was his ability to fill some 200 federal court vacancies during his four years in office — including three on the Supreme Court.

He picked jurists whose backgrounds suggest they understand the Second Amendment means what it says. Judges appointed to lower federal courts have already handed down pro-rights rulings. The prospect a Supreme Court majority could rule New York’s restrictive gun law is unconstitutional has anti-gunners furious and fearful.

The prospect of positive Second Amendment rulings by the court is one reason Capitol Hill liberals and their cheerleaders in the gun control lobby want to pack the court with four more seats occupied by Joe Biden appointees.

There are some in the firearms community who are already expressing defeatist fears that the high court’s conservative justices will disappoint gun owners, maybe even betray them. Cooler heads suggest gun owners should give those justices the benefit of doubt, especially when experienced Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito are likely to lead the way.