About The Design

David told me he knew it had to be a GC design from the beating the bullet base would take when a large charge of powder would be blistering its behind from the fiery inferno of burning powder. He also wanted maximum ogive in the bullet head for superior ballistic coefficient, while at the same time having a larger meplat than a typical silhouette bullet, for better tissue destruction, when used a hunting bullet.

I really like the way he thought this bullet out as a multi-purpose, flat shooting, long range, hunting bullet. It may prove to be the ultimate heavy, SWC designed bullet, yet.

When I first saw it, I could see Elmer Keith’s nose profile, albeit stretched out, of his famous Lyman 358429, the GC base of Ray Thompson’s 358156 and Lyman’s 358627, a jumbo 215 grain GCSWC. Whether by luck, or design, David managed to grab all the strong points of the above designs and morph them into one, single bullet mold, utilizing the strengths of each.