Spares For You And Me

Now for sure, having extra firearms is a good thing. Keep some stashed in key places, use different guns for different applications like hunting, target practice, carry, home defense — you know the drill. Guns can fail, and at the worst possible time, so a backup (or 10) is a good idea. When friends stop by, it’s always nice to be able to show off some iron and take a spread out to the range. Or loan one to a friend in need.

What’s the best gun? “The one you have.” I can’t count all the people I’ve interviewed who survived a deadly encounter and didn’t have the gun with them they would have preferred.

Next time you see a gun you just gotta have, I say, go ahead, indulge yourself. What’s money for, anyway? There is little quite as exhilarating as bringing home a nice new piece, or a fine used one, and plopping down in your favorite chair to ruminate. Add it to your inventory list right away, or you’ll forget and make the opening joke too real. Responsible gun owners know exactly how many firearms they have, the numbers, locations, and all the relevant juicy details.