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Teach Your Child Three Simple Rules To Live By:

1. If you see a gun, never touch it.
2. Leave immediately.
3. Tell an adult.
Whether you own a gun or not, please be certain your children know these rules.

Jeff Cooper’s

No mechanical device has a will of its own. A gun never “goes off” unless something causes it to do so. The aspect of safety is central to gunhandling.

Memorize the four principles of firearm safety. Treat them with absolute seriousness. Burn them into your consciousness.

RULE 1: All guns are always loaded.

RULE 2: Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.

RULE 3: Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.

RULE 4: Be sure of your target. (Know what it is, what it is in line with it,
and what is behind it. Never shoot at anything you have not positively identified.)

Firearms are as safe or dangerous as YOU make them. Put safety first every time you pick up a gun to prevent accidents. Make sure each family member knows how, when and WHEN NOT to handle a gun. If you’ve recently purchased a new firearm, read the manufacturer instructions and safety precautions included.

For more personal shooting and safety instruction, consult with your local dealer or gun club.

You can learn more about guns and accessories by reading American Handgunner.

3 thoughts on “Gun Safety

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  2. Heather

    Great tips! With all the misconceptions of guns continuing in mainstream movies, it’s a tragic reality that many who pick up a firearm will mishandle them. Anyone willing to shoot a gun needs to be aware of the dangers a loaded gun poses to ensure responsible use. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jocelyn McDonald

    My husband and I recently moved into a new area that seems a little dangerous, so we’re thinking about getting a gun for safety and peace of mind. Your article had some great tips for gun safety, and I liked how you said to make sure you put the safety on every time you pick up a gun. Thanks for the help; we’ll keep this in mind when properly handling guns.


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