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Cabot Guns

The cleanest 1911 ever?
White lightening is what happens when Cabot transforms a block of stainless steel into a pistol. Clean lines and timeless lines of the 1911 are the hallmark of this model and construction provenance that is second to none. A nude distinct pistol in all its glory like no other 1911 before.
New for 2018!
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Celtic Holsters

The Wee Celtic Deluxe Holsters offer you the ability to adjust the cant while you wear it. This allows you to wear your holster in many different positions comfortably. It also gives you the ability to adjust the draw retention with a twist of a screw. You no longer have to sacrifice concealment or proper drawing position with this holster.


Smith & Wesson

The M&P M2.0 Compact pistol series offers consumers a reliable, striker-fired pistol that delivers a compact carry advantage with the advanced M2.0 feature set, including an aggressively-textured grip, four interchangeable palmswell inserts, and light, crisp M2.0 trigger with a tactile and audible reset. Available in 9mm and .40 S&W with a 4″ barrel, the M&P M2.0 Compact pistol series builds upon the popularity of the new M&P M2.0 platform in a versatile, carry-size configuration.


Alien Gear Holsters

The ShapeShift Modular Holster System will change the way you carry forever with a unique, innovative design. Simple modularity provides the ultimate convenience, presenting carriers with more options for a quarter of the price. The American-made ShapeShift Starter Kit includes four ways to carry with a bonus holster mount for under $100.
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Cammer Technologies

Cammer Tech now offers its patented 1911 hammer in a complete ignition parts kit. The hammer reduces racking force up to 31% and, like the other machined parts, is CNC’d by Evolution Gun Works from bar stock. Strut and mainspring cap are titanium. The Cammer Hammer is mated to the sear and is available in 4140 and 420 stainless steel.




The revolutionary LaserTuck is the perfect IWB solution for carrying your single stack, sub-compact pistol equipped with a trigger guard light or laser. The LaserTuck offers maximum IWB concealability, superior comfort and is fully adjustable for personalized user preference. The universal design accommodates hundreds of sub-compact pistols. MSRP $36.99


Better Firearms Design

Twice the Accuracy & Half The RecoilOur patented fixed barrel piston driven system delivers twice the accuracy with half of the Recoil.The BFD piston driven 1911 groups under an inch at 25 yards and under 1.5 inches at 50 yards. Get More “Shots on Target” at extended ranges with
better accuracy and less recoil. Call now to get your custom build started.
(386) 316-5128
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Elite Survival

The Mainstay™ Clipless IWB Holster was designed for no-hassle inside the waistband or pocket carry. Elite Survival Systems designed this holster with a siliconized outer layer which offers unbeatable slip resistance and maximum durability. The result is an easy to use IWB holster that stays put. Period.


Alchemy Custom Weaponry

NEW! Alchemy Custom Weaponry, reliable performance pistols designed by legendary pistolsmith Rob Schauland. A distillation of 25 years of experience, Anomaly is our vision of what the offspring of the 1903/1911 might have been. The “hammerless” design and lack of an obtrusive beavertail grip safety. 1.5 inch at 25-yard accuracy guarantee. or
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