Cheap Wasn’t Cheap

I’m 52 years old and find the older I get the more “Good Old Days” moments I have. I thoroughly enjoyed Dave Anderson’s article (Good Old Days?, March/April 2020) because it helped spark some serious introspection for me. It’s true, my father (77) and I often talk about missed opportunities to purchase “cheap guns” throughout our lives, but Mr. Anderson helped put some perspective on “cheap.” Not only does his insights apply to guns, they apply to life in general. In the current social climate in which we live it’s easy to think about the “Good Old Days” and find ourselves becoming “glass half empty” types. But more sobering reflection will help us see in many ways the “Good Old Days” were really the introduction to “Better Days to Come” — if we can prove ourselves to be good stewards of what we currently possess. Great article, Mr. Anderson!
Daniel Woodring
Via email