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FNP-45 Competition

If the S&W Model 10 revolver was a vehicle it would be a reliable, unpretentious pick-up truck. The Glock 22 — a Ford Crown Vic police interceptor. The Browning Hi-Power — A Jaguar XK-E. The Colt Python — a Rolls-Royce. But the FNP-45 Competition model reminds me of a Hummer; a vehicle to work hard, go anywhere, do anything except fit a parking space or one-car garage. The FNP-45 will do anything expected of a duty or competition handgun except fit a small hand or conceal under a T-shirt.

Actually I don’t want to make too much of the size. Obviously a magazine holding 15 rounds of .45 ACP needs a full-sized pistol wrapped around it. However the 1-piece polymer grip frame adds relatively little size, and it fits my medium-large hand very nicely. I asked some shooters they found it oversized for them, they were able to reach the trigger and operate all the controls. They could make it go bang if they had to.

The design of the FNP-45 is what might be called “21st century classic.” The frame is molded polymer and the slide is blackened stainless steel. The operating system is tilt-lock, with an abutment on the barrel ahead of the chamber locking into the front edge of the ejection port. Locking and unlocking are controlled by a cam on the underside of the barrel.

Barrel length is 4.5″ with conventional rifling, 6-groove, right-hand 1:16″ twist, and there’s a steel guide rod with a captured, single-coil recoil spring. FNH quality hardly needs comment; the machining of the slide is beautifully done with crisp, straight lines.

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