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The TANGO6 5-30x56mm Tactical Riflescope is another addition to SIG SAUER’s Electro-Optics line. Using patented LevelPlex technology, the scope introduces long-range accuracy to any firearm. Powered by MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination), LevelPlex appears to the shooter as illuminated arrows on the horizontal axis of the reticle and informs him of the firearm’s cant, and the cant’s direction and severity. For more info: (603) 610-3000,



LaserMax Inc.
The CF-SHIELD-45 is a sighting tool for training, concealed carry and home defense. It complements Smith & Wesson’s new M&P Shield 45 pistol. Rounded to ensure a smooth draw, the CF-SHIELD-45 can be easily installed to the frame without alteration and has a tactical design to match and blend with the style and contour of the gun. It also offers ambidextrous activation for both right and left-handed shooters as well as programmable pulse and no pulse modes. For more info: (585) 272-5420,


Distressed Holsters

Versacarry’s Distressed Holsters are crafted from water buffalo hide, a material that yields a strong yet supple holster. The material also creates a distressed look. It reacts to pressure so high points on the firearm or defining lines show through the material in a lighter shade. The series includes these models: Protector OWB, Quickslide Pocket Holster and the Quickslide Micro Pocket Holster. For more info: (979) 820-3267,


Cloak Dock

Alien Gear Holsters
Alien Gear Holsters has launched the Cloak Dock, a tool used to secure a Cloak Mod OWB Holster to a flat surface. The Cloak Dock is simply installed with four 0.625″ screws to any flat surface made of plastic, wood, drywall or sheet metal. Constructed of durable hard plastic, the dock may be mounted to work desks, vehicles and shop cabinets to transform any flat surface into a holster for the handgun carrier. For more info: (208) 215-2046,


Taurus 738 Magazine

Mec-Gar USA
Mec-Gar USA announces the addition of a six-round Taurus 738 magazine to its product line. The Taurus PT738 or 738 TCP is a popular pistol in the fast-growing .380 ACP pocket pistol market. The magazine is made of carbon steel with a polished, blued finish to ensure easy loading and feeding into the pistol. It features a Type D music wire spring, high-impact polymer baseplate for easy cleaning, high-visibility follower to detect when the magazine is empty and numbered witness holes to calculate remaining rounds. For more info: (203) 262-1525,


Cell Phone Covers can now add an image on the grips of your gun as well as on the cover of your cell phone. The image can be almost anything: a business logo, business card or a photo of your spouse or child. Options include black and white and color. The price of the cover with the photo usually costs less than just the cell phone cover at a phone store. For more info: (520) 397-9311,


Black Carbon Fiber CW9

Kahr Firearms Group
Kahr Firearms Group has introduced a Black Carbon Fiber finish for the CW9. The textured weave provides a 3-dimensional appearance to the 9mm and makes the grip feel more stable in your hand. The pistol features a 3.6″ barrel with conventional rifling, a polymer frame with black carbon fiber print and a matte stainless steel slide. It has an overall length of 5.9″ and weighs 15.8 oz. With a magazine capacity of seven, this is the only firearm in the Kahr product line with a drift-adjustable white 3-dot sight. For more info: (508) 795-3919,


Rifle Slings

Diamond D Custom Leather
Diamond D Custom Leather’s handcrafted leather rifle slings easily connect to your rifle with standard 1″ swivels. The slings are made of top-grade cowhide on the exterior and a soft suede fabric on the inside for comfort and safety. The suede on the inside helps the rifle sling stay in place instead of sliding on your shoulder. The leather rifle slings come either padded or unpadded with a few design and color options. They’re one-size-fits-all and easily adjustable — just move the Chicago screws to your desired length. For more info: (907) 631-4212,


Weapon Shield Maintenance Kit

Steel Shield Technologies Inc.
The Weapon Shield Maintenance Kit includes four Weapon Shield products: 1) CLP and oil; 2) solvent; 3) grease (in a syringe for precision application); and 4) Precision Oiler Pen. These products lubricate, clean, protect, fight extreme pressure wear as well as provide corrosion resistance. All are environmentally friendly and have the company’s hallmark “cinnamon delight” scent so there is no stink or foul odor. For more info: (800) 390-1535,


Inceptor RNP Sport Utility Ammo

PolyCase Ammunition
PolyCase Ammunition introduces its new line of Inceptor RNP Sport Utility Ammo featuring copper-polymer bullets. The new line is range-friendly. It can be shot on hardened steel with safe range distances measured in feet, not yards. The Sport Utility Ammo delivers high velocity and low recoil making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor shooting practice. At the same time, the round has the accuracy and high performance expected of PolyCase products. For more info: (912) 335-5101,


Leather Ostrich Printed Tablet Case

Concealed Carrie
Concealed Carrie has come up with the Leather Ostrich Printed Tablet Case to complement its other product, the Leather Ostrich Printed Computer Case. Ideal for those who want to travel light and still be fashionable, the tablet case secures your gadget with its double-zippered compartments. At the same time, the handbag can also accommodate any compact or sub-compact handgun. All Concealed Carrie handbags come with a Concealed Carrie dust bag, key chain and fashion tassel. For more info: (844) 522-7743,


Blue Book of Tactical Firearms Values

Blue Book Publications Inc.
The 7th edition of the Blue Book of Tactical Firearms Values by S.P. Fjestad is the largest and most up-to-date source of information and values about tactical firearms including handguns, rifles, and shotguns. The book has 700 pages, 250 manufacturers/trademarks, 50,000+ values and over 6,500 model descriptions. It also includes anatomies of tactical firearms, a comprehensive glossary on tactical terminology and trademark indexes of tactical manufacturers, accessories and ammunition. For more info: (952) 253-2922,


Kimber Micro 9 Holster

CrossBreed Holsters
CrossBreed Holsters has introduced its holster line for the Kimber Micro 9. Due to the growing popularity of the Kimber Micro 9, CrossBreed has designed its most popular holsters like the the SuperTuck, MiniTuck, Appendix Carry, Freedom Carry, Women’s Appendix Carry and Qwik Clip, to fit this new concealed carry gun. For more info: (888) 732-5011,


Fire Starter

Lightning Strike Products Inc.
The Lightning Strike Fire Starter features a storage compartment with enough tinder to get multiple fires going under tough conditions. Its large striker works well with cold or gloved hands. The starter includes a striker guide to allow 100 percent contact with the tube-encased ferro rod that concentrates the spark directly on the tinder for instant ignition. A striker stop prevents the tinder from scattering when trying to ignite it. The tinder will burn for several minutes, allowing you to add small sticks and twigs to feed the fire. For more info: (541) 439-5155,


100 Rd .22 Caliber Ammo Box

MTM Case-Gard
The 100 Round .22 Caliber Ammo Box is an ideal product for organizing shooters’ ammo and gear. An addition to MTM Case-Gard’s P-100 Series, the ammo box is specifically for .22 LR as well as .25 ACP ammo. With a durable, scratch-resistant exterior, the ammo box stores 100 rounds of .22 LR or .25 ACP neatly with the bullet tip up. The easy-to-carry boxes are stackable for convenient storage or transportation. The snap-latch on the front of the box ensures a secure closure while the flip-top clear blue lid allows shooters to view quantities without opening the container. For more info: (800) 543-0548,


Trail Gun Version 2

Gary Reeder
The Trail Gun Version 2 is another custom revolver from Gary Reeder. It’s built on a Ruger Single-Six in .22 LR converted to centerfire with a 6-shot cylinder in .32-20 and .327 Federal. The Trail Gun has an interchangeable blade front sight and all-steel gunfighter grip with Corian aged ivory (Mongolian Stag is also available). It has all the Positive Performance Package features of Gary Reeder custom guns including a Deep Dish Crown, Maxi Throat and action job. For more info: (928) 527-4100,


Cell Phone Holders

DeSantis Gunhide
DeSantis Gunhide has added three cell phone holders to its line of products. Made of premium saddle leather, soft black leather or ballistic nylon, the cell phone holsters are adjustable to fit the iPhone 6s, 6s+ and similar sized cellphones. They come with a magnetic closure. For more info: (631) 841-6300,


John Bianchi Frontier Gunleather 2017 Catalog

Frontier Gunleather
Frontier Gunleather announced the release of their John Bianchi Frontier Gunleather 2017 Catalog. The catalog features the company’s full line of premier quality belts and holsters for concealment, western, military history and general purpose styles. For more info: (760) 324-6198,


Swan Holster

MTR Custom Leather
The Swan is a full-leather, OWB belt holster designed by a woman for women. Unlike the traditional belt holster, the Swan allows a full size semi-auto to lie close to the body, below the belt and onto the hip. For females, this means more room and movement and allows comfortable carry and unholstering even of full size firearms. With the Swan, the firearm is in a better position, sitting low on the hip. The firearm’s butt doesn’t stick into the ribs and its grip is much more accessible. Each Swan holster is handmade and custom made for your favorite firearm. For more info: (336) 879-2166,


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