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The X-HD Karambit

Emerson Knives
The initials in Emerson Knives’ X-HD Karambit stands for Extra Heavy Duty. True enough, the X-HD Karambit is tough and rugged, featuring two thick slabs of titanium covered in combat-grade G10. The lock features a replaceable steel insert and the heavy-duty handle has a full size titanium backspacer. The X-HD Karambit has an overall length of 7.3 inches. Its S35VN steel blade with stone-washed finish is 2.7-inches long. For more info: (310) 593-5633,



LaserMax Inc.
The CF-SHIELD-45 is an essential sighting tool for training, concealed carry and home defense. It complements Smith & Wesson’s new M&P Shield 45 pistol. Rounded to ensure a smooth draw, the CF-SHIELD-45 can be easily installed to the frame without alteration and has a tactical design to match and blend with the style and contour of the gun. It also offers ambidextrous activation as well as programmable pulse and no pulse modes. For more info: (585) 272-5420,


Center-Drive Multi-Tool

Gerber Knives & Tools
Gerber’s Center-Drive Multi-Tool has a full-size driver on the center axis with a standard bit. This means you have all the ergonomics and torque you need at your disposal. A single flick of the thumb gets you access to a large outboard knife. The Center-Drive also features one-thumb opening sliding jaws when you need to use the spring-loaded pliers. For more info: (800) 705-2040,


Holster Lines for New Ruger American Compact

CrossBreed Holsters
CrossBreed Holsters has announced many of its products will fit the new Ruger American Compact. The compact version has all of the features of the full-size Ruger American, but with a smaller, compact size for daily concealed carry. The SuperTuck, QwikClip, SnapSlide, DropSlide, SuperSlide, Ohai, Bedside Backup, PacMat and Freedom Carry will all work with the latest firearm from the Ruger lineup. For more info: (417) 732-5011,



Jennings Machine And Tool
The JMT Mk V sight pusher tool uses a unique suspension system to hold the slide. The new design allows the Mk V to be used on pistols with angled sides on the slide such as the XDm. The Mk V’s powder-coated frame is made from heavy wall steel tubing. It has a bottom bolt topped with a rotating flat washer and three suspension bolts with swivel pads that come in contact with the slide. For more info: (205) 533-2033,


Captains of Crush Grippers

Captains of Crush Grippers help build a powerful grip — the key to better shooting. It features knurled aircraft-grade aluminum handles and GR springs for accurate and precise strengthening of the fingers to make squeezing the trigger easier, round after round. A strong grip helps increase recoil control for improved accuracy so with Captains of Crush Grippers, you shoot straighter, faster, longer. For more info: (530) 272-3579,


Mag Pouch

MTR Custom Leather
The Competition Mag Pouch from MTR Custom Leather can accommodate 3 to 6 magazines and slides easily onto your belt. The magazine storage pouch has screws that can be loosened or tightened for a secure hold. Magazines can easily be re-holstered after drawing. The leather pouch is available in dark brown, saddle tan (light brown), mahogany and black. For more info: (336) 879-2166,


LabRadar Personal Radar System

LabRadar’s Personal Radar System measures the velocities of your rifle, pistol and shotgun projectiles up to 100 yards depending upon the size of the bullet. It measures velocities up to 3,900 fps with 0.1% accuracy using six AA batteries. Positioned to the side of the weapon, the LabRadar is not dependent on any light source and can be used indoors or outdoors in all-weather conditions. Each shot series provides Hi, Lo, Average, ES and SD data shown on a large 3.5″ display. The data is downloadable via USB or SD card.  For more info: (316) 866-2525,


G10 Grayman Dua

Grayman Knives
Grayman Knives is now offering its Dua folder in various G10 colors, including black, green, coyote brown, hunter orange and camo. The company initially introduced the Dua Ti-Ti with an all-titanium handle. The new colored G10 Grayman Dua folders are textured with a finely checkered diamond pattern for a no-slip grip, even when wet. They feature a single side G10 grip scale layered over titanium and an all-titanium frame body on the other side for a distinctive tactical/industrial strength look. For more info:


LULA Magazine Loader/Unloader

Maglula Ltd.
An all-in-one magazine speed loader and unloader for SIG MPX 9mm magazines is available from Maglula. The LULA fits SIG MPX 9mm polymer magazines Ver #1 & Ver #2 and has been fully tested for compatibility and function. It is simple to use, prevents thumb pain and injury, eliminates wear on feed lips and prolongs magazine life. Made of reinforced polymer and small enough to fit in one’s pocket, the LULA is durable, lightweight and reliable. It is manufactured by Maglula Ltd. Israel. For more info: (972) 8 648-8001 (Israel),


Bore Boss

Real Avid
Real Avid introduces the Bore Boss, a single-pass bore cleaning system that can be stored neatly. The Bore Boss is ergonomically sound in a compact size. Its dual-action cable loosens and removes carbon, then stows away securely in the protective flex-case handle made of polycarbonate with a TPR over molding. The case keeps brush bristles from getting splayed and keeps carbon, cleaners and lubricants from making range bags a mess. For more info: (800) 286-0567,


Simple Shoulder Rig

​Diamond D Custom Leather
Diamond D Custom Leather’s Simple Shoulder Rig (SSR) improves on existing leather shoulder holster designs and offers comfort as well as concealment. This is achieved by using American saddle leather for the custom-fit handmade holster and a softer leather for the shoulder strap to ensure maximum comfort and concealment. It is adjustable for height and weight fitting out to a size 52″ chest. For more info: (907) 631-4212,


Coonan .45 ACP

Coonan Inc.
Coonan’s 1911 in .45 ACP features a linkless barrel to increase accuracy and reduce feeding issues; an external extractor to improve reliability of cycling and ejection; and a pivoting trigger to deliver a more consistent trigger pull. It incorporates an extended slide catch and thumb lock to simplify one-handed operation. The Coonan .45 ACP package ships standard with Novak-style rear sights and blade front sights and includes a 7-round single-stack magazine, a carrying case and a lock for storage safety. For more info: (763) 786-1720,



TOPS Knives
The Fieldcraft by the Brothers of Bushcraft (BOBS) is now available in stainless steel with different handle options. Previously available only in 1095 high-carbon steel, the Fieldcraft has a straightforward design for a myriad of uses. It has thumb scallops to aid in chest Iever grips and skinning, a bow drill divot for friction fire creation and a Shango notch to throw sparks from a ferro rod. The blade is a classic drop point with a 0.1875-inch spine and a modified Scandi grind for cutting with a stronger edge than full Scandi grinds. For more info: (208) 542-0113,


Watch Your Back: How to Avoid the Most
Dangerous Moments of Daily Life

Skyhorse Publishing
In Watch Your Back: How to Avoid the Most Dangerous Moments of Daily Life, author Roger Eckstine presents dozens of risky scenarios that can occur daily and the ways to counteract each threat. What can you do to make sure you don’t become a victim? Eckstine illustrates his points by presenting case studies and news clippings of real-life events. He describes various ways people can be prepared both mentally and physically for the unexpected, with an emphasis on training yourself to constantly observe your surroundings. For more info: (212) 643-6816,


Mini Scabbard

DeSantis Gunhide
The Mini Scabbard from DeSantis Gunhide has been reduced to the bare essentials yet offers a secure grip on the handgun due to an exact molding and adjustable tension device. The holster will accommodate belts up to 11/2″ wide and is available in black or tan unlined leather. Some models come without the adjustable tension device. For more info: (631) 841-6300,


The Cutjack C22

Steel Will Knives
The Cutjack C22 is a new addition to Steel Will Knives’ Cutjack everyday carry “Urban” series folders. With an overall length of 8″, the C22 Cutjack features Italian craftsmanship, a 31/2″ M390 super steel blade and a G10 handle. A competitive priced version will also be available with D2 steel and a fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN) handle. For more info: (877) 969-0909,


Sentinel XL

Wilson Combat
Wilson Combat has combined its 4″ compact top end with its Sentinel sub-compact frame to create the Sentinel XL — an everyday-carry custom handgun. Even though it is designed for concealment, the fitted slide, frame and 4″ match grade barrel allows the Sentinel XL to deliver a good downrange performance. It is available in .45 ACP, 9mm and .38. For more info: (800) 955-4856,


The Cloak Tuck 3.0 Revolver Edition

Alien Gear Holsters
The Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster from Alien Gear allows owners of revolvers to carry concealed in comfort. Handcrafted from high-quality materials as ballistic nylon, neoprene and thermo elastomer, the Cloak Tuck 3.0 Revolver Edition has a spring-steel core and retention bump for a secure fit. Like all other Alien Gear Holsters, the 3.0 is backed by a triple guarantee: a 30-day test drive; free shell trades for life; and a forever warranty. For more info: (208) 215-2046,


Fire Starter 

Lightning Strike Products Inc
The Lightning Strike Fire Starter features a storage compartment with enough tinder to get multiple fires going under tough conditions. Its large striker works well with cold or gloved hands. The starter includes a striker guide to allow 100 percent contact with the tube-encased ferro rod that concentrates the spark directly on the tinder for instant ignition. A striker stop prevents the tinder from scattering when trying to ignite it. The tinder will burn for several minutes, allowing you to feed small sticks and twigs to create a roaring fire. For more info: (541) 439-5155,


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