TMT Tactical Giveaway Package

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At the center of this American Handgunner Tactical giveaway, TMT Tactical has provided a customized Springfield Armory XD-S 3.3″ Single Stack 9mm. Weighing 23 oz. and boasting a steel Melonite, hammer-forged barrel, dual spring recoil system with full-length guide rod and installed Advantage Tactical Sights, the XD-S packs the punch of a much larger pistol — but is small enough for everyday carry. In addition, this packin’ pistol has machined custom flutes as well as machine press check pockets in the front slide and TMT custom grip inserts, making it quite the companion for whatever you may encounter.

TMT Tactical is also including the Attacoa Wallet. Named after the Cherokee Indian word for Table Rock Mountains, the Attacoa is nearly as indestructible as its namesake. Designed to keep all your important personal items from being destroyed by water, sand, dirt or dust, it comes ready-for-action with a built-in compass, ink pen, tweezers, toothpick, glass breaker, lanyard clip, self-defense striking edge and two hidden compartments.

When not attached to your hip, tote your new XD-S around in a custom-fitted, Can Man gun and ammo case provided by TMT Tactical. The case is waterproof, lockable and complete with full foam inserts.

For an extra layer of security, keep this custom XD-S guarded in the RAPiD Safe from Hornady, which is made of 16-gauge steel. Using touch-free entry via patent-pending Radio Frequency Identification, the RAPiD Safe springs to action faster than you can say, “Open Sesame!”

The M10 Tactical kit from Olight is another addition to the giveaway, which not only features the M10 Maverick — a 350-lumen, 1.92-oz. LED tactical flashlight — but also includes an offset weapon mount and tactical remote switch to help customize your gun stores as well as shed some light on any emergency situation.

Rounding out this giveaway is the Patriot SF from Emerson Knives — a 3.9″ folder that is as solid as the American spirit for which inspired its design.

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Customizer: TMT Tactical
Maker: Springfield Armory
(828) 432-8007
Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 2-7
Barrel Length: 3.3″
Barrel Finish: Steel, Melonite, hammer-forged
Sights: Fiber optic front and dovetail rear
Value: $1,350


Custom Gun Case
Maker: The Can Man
(844) 422-6626
Value: $75

Attacoa Wallet
Maker: TMT Tactical
(828) 432-8007
Value: $90


RAPiD Safe
Maker: Hornady
(308) 382-1390
Value: $276.67

Patriot SF Knife
Maker: Emerson Knives
(310) 539-5633
Value: $269.95


M10 Tactical Kit
Maker: Olight
(714) 893-1300
Value: $79.95

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