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Web Blast: The .357 Magnum

Sixgun/Levergun Combinations By John Taffin September/October 2009 Handloading Column A good all-around .357 Magnum load for both levergun and sixgun […]

Parlor Pistol Perfection!

Remington’s modern reputation of being on the cutting edge of the law enforcement, hunting and ammunition market is richly […]

The Southern Bear

[…] blades are available to boot! Genuine India Stag Damascus Trapper Remington Large and Small Lockbacks India Stag Bone Damascus Pro […]

Keeping The Bang Going!

[…] and works from a factory in Mexico originally started by Remington. Hey, they also make 5mm Remington Rimfire Magnum ammo! […]

Slip-Ups And Blunders

[…] and found in the Ideal Handbook No. 28 dated 1926, Remington’s black powder .44 Special factory loads with 246-gr. lead […]

.22 LR: Velocity Variables

[…] bit faster than anticipated, at around 1,330 fps from the Remington. They even broke 1,000 fps from the little Ruger. […]

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